Unstructured Data Extraction as a Service

New Approach

With the massive demand for improved automated IT systems to serve the dynamic needs of customers and regulators conflating with the necessity to optimise resource utilisation, competitive organisations need a new approach.

Off the shelf systems struggle to provide the end to end solution that meets their specific needs and millions are lost trying to convert a Ferrari into a truck, only to find they needed a plane.


Introducing PAT. Using the latest advancements in cloud technology services, AI / ML & UX development PAT builds intelligent process automation systems specialising in extracting insight from unstructured data (90% of data in most organizations) and using that to automate key business processes, minimising human intervention, increasing productivity and minimising risk.

Deliver Business Insights – through the use of business data (structured and unstructured) to produce insights which allows you to improve the management of performance and compliance.

Key Risk Indicators – Identification and implementation of indicators which will trigger when behaviour starts moving outside a pre-defined business risk appetite.

Control Testing – Automation of key control testing to provide the business with more timely information on control failures through near real-time testing and to expand the control testing across the entire data set.

Self Service Business Rule and Alert Creation – Reduces the time to action by empowering front line people to create business rules and alerts on the fly.

Advanced Risk Reporting – Enables automation and management of enterprise risk and compliance reporting.

Gather Evidence – Faster and better to support intervention.

Collect, Organise and Review – Any type of data including paper-to-data. » And much more…

If you believe this solution can take your organisation to the next level, please don’t hesitate to contact Birnam Wood, local partners in Australia & New Zealand.