Spreadsheet Estate Discovery & Management

Accurate Insight

The Shadow Data Health Check allows you to gain an accurate insight into the scope your company’s End-user Computing (EUC) usage and its inter-relationships with other data sources. It is key for regulations (SR11 -7, Solvency II, SOX, SS3 18, Operational Resilience, and BCBS 239) and areas such as inventory management and Model Risk Management. Our experience in the marketplace has shown us that this is a time-consuming and potentially unreliable task when approached manually. The Shadow Data Health Check answers your questions quickly and reliably, with minimal manual effort and avoiding the errors human interpretation can cause.


The Shadow Data Health Check is an automated, repeatable and scalable approach using our technology and professional services, delivered quickly, accurately and inexpensively. The approach is proven in a number of sectors, including banking, asset management, insurance and energy, but can be deployed in any sector or business line.

Shadow Data can assist you with answering these questions:

  • How large and how complex is our spreadsheet inventory?
  • Which spreadsheets present most risk to our business?
  • How do we prioritise any required remediation effort?
  • How can we confidently automate data control and embed this in business as usual processes?
  • Can we demonstrate governance over EUC to auditors or regulators?

Shadow Data can deliver the answers via a short engagement over 4 to 6 weeks (to catch month end activity) covering:

  • Discovery – The depth and complexity of a number of critical spreadsheets.
  • Link Analysis – The linkages between components of these spreadsheets.
    Risk Analysis – The potential risk associated with these spreadsheets.
  • Change Control – The extent of change of selected spreadsheets over time

If you believe this solutions can take your organisation to the next level, please don’t hesitate to contact Birnam Wood, local partners in Australia & New Zealand.