Our Partners

Birnam Wood partners with best in breed professionals to ensure seamless end to end delivery.

Business Transformation, Program & Project Management

Program Delivery – We deliver complex and challenging Agile, Traditional and Hybrid programs. We work with our clients to understand their unique organisational and program characteristics. These inform how we design our delivery approach to deliver to their benefits statement. The majority of our Consultants have scaled agile (SAFe) expertise and have delivered high value programs across the world.

PMO Services – We provide PMO establishment and management, PMO analyst and scheduling services, and tools for some of the largest and fastest growing organisations in Australia.

Delivery Consulting – We provide delivery capability uplift, sponsor and project manager training, portfolio and program reviews to assist our clients improve their program delivery.

Data Management

Birnam Wood have dealt with 100’s of start ups and applications that boast amazing and sometimes impossible outcomes. When you dig a little deeper you normally find the disclaimer *outcomes depend on 100% availability & quality of the data. Which we all know is the holy grail of data analytics and as rare as a sober Glaswegian. That is why we work with the no 1 data bashers in the world.

Ab Initio Software is an multinational enterprise software corporation based in Lexington, Massachusetts. The company specializes in high-volume data processing applications and enterprise application integration.

The Ab Initio products are provided on a user-friendly homogeneous and heterogeneous platform for parallel data processing applications. These applications perform functions relating to fourth generation data analysis, batch processing, complex events, quantitative and qualitative data processing, data manipulation graphical user interface (GUI)-based parallel processing software which is commonly used to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data.

Financial Services – Experts in Finance, Risk and Regulatory Reporting

Birnam Wood listens to many vendors who declare their solution will fulfill all your compliance needs. Having a technical solution is one thing, but will it meet your local regulatory environment, are you sure that it is future proof? Are you dealing with local experts who have worked at the regulators? How can you de-risk the implementation of new technology into BAU.

That is why Birnam Wood partners with RegCentric, Australia’s hottest RegTech financial services consultancy. RegCentric highly qualified & experienced consultants have worked at the front line, many coming from the Australia Regulators and accelerate any reporting program of work, leading to expeditious benefit realisation.

Integration & Technical Support Experts

Nothing beats local knowledge and given many of our overseas partners have no local presence Birnam Wood leans on 1ICT (part of ASG) to deliver the technical power. 1ICT is one of Australia’s most trusted and fastest growing IT companies with double-digit growth, year on year. They automate, modernise and digitally transform organisations of all sizes to help create efficiencies from the front door to the office desk. They get what we do and understand the political, technical and management environment required to deliver at scale to the biggest companies in Australia.

Supported by more than 1500 IT professionals at ASG Group Australia, they have the credibility and support to guarantee outcomes.

Analytics & Business Intelligence – SAP Specialists

EV Technologies provides high-performance business intelligence (BI) systems, eye-catching data visualizations, and cost-effective managed support services to data-driven organizations. Globally recognized as the top SAP specialist consultancies.