Intelligent Data Solutions

Many organisations suffer from not being able to see the “wood for the trees” or simply put, unable to understand a situation clearly because they are too involved in it.

Enterprise Data Management

Birnam Wood offers our clients a different perspective and alternative solutions to overcoming business problems “as-a-service”.

Our global network of associates work at the highest level of enterprise data management. We leverage their knowledge and experience to identify innovative solutions that are proven to deliver.

Our Solutions

ETL As A Service (Extract Transfer Load)

When you combine the worlds most proven and successful ETL solution with a team of battle scarred globally experienced data and program delivery experts, you secure the A team to risk mitigate your data program from Red to Green.

Spreadsheet Estate Discovery & Management

The Shadow Data Health Check is an automated, repeatable and scalable approach using our technology and professional services, delivered quickly, accurately and inexpensively.

Data Deduplication & Entity Resolution

Need a 360 view of your clients & businesses? Need to merge data from multiple data sources across the organisation. Using an advanced assisted machine learning technology we put your SME’s to work to quickly define the “golden record” of clients, a one single source of truth.

Unstructured Data Extraction as a Service

With the massive demand for improved automated IT systems to serve the dynamic needs of customers and regulators conflating with the necessity to optimise resource utilisation, competitive organisations need a new approach.

Cyber Security – Ultra Secure Cloud

Welcome to Ionburst – Next generation Ultra Secure Cloud – Never lose your data or get hacked again. Our data fragmentation solution is powered by its moving defence distribution and quantum fragmentation, dissolving the data it protects.

Our Clients