Data Deduplication & Entity Resolution

360 view

Need a 360 view of your clients & businesses? Need to merge data from multiple data sources across the organisation. Using an advanced assisted machine learning technology we put your SME’s to work to quickly define the “golden record” of clients, a one single source of truth. Highly valuable in itself.

False Positives

One of the biggest problems with current KYC/AML solutions is manually dealing with false positives created by incorrect or duplicated data. Birnam Wood has develop an Entity Resolution Solution that establishes a golden record of your clients and enriches that record with external sourced information to enable real time onboarding and ongoing client monitoring. However, we can then enrich this data with external third-party information to accelerate your KYC, KYCC processes, automate your AML review and offer live risk monitoring on your entire customer base.

Entity Resolution Solution

If you believe this solution can take your organisation to the next level, please don’t hesitate to contact Birnam Wood, local partners in Australia & New Zealand.