Colin Green

Colin is the CEO & Managing Director of Birnam Wood. An eclectic background of 20 years as a British Diplomat combined with 8 years as a management consultant specialising in the Programme and Project management of Digitial Transformation initiatives.

Paul Coffey

Chief Data Strategist at Birnam Wood. Paul has over 25 years working as an International Enterprise Data Architect / Guru for some of the worlds largest banks and govts.

Kirsten Hampel

Kirsten is our gun Senior Business Analyst & Project Manager. Bringing to bare, 20+ years Project Analyst, Support and Coordination in Financial Sector and Information Technology. Herder of cats & un-doer of knots.

Jeremy Babb

 Jeremy is our globally recognised global finance, risk, treasury and regulatory specialist. Jeremy is a former C level executive having worked globally in banking and finance and now supports C level clients within global organisations.

Ricky Barron

Ricky is a highly experienced Enterprise Data Management and Analytics strategy consultant working with medium- to large-enterprises developing and operationalising insights for their businesses. Guiding CIO/CDO on the road to enlightenment. The nice guy of data.

Darren Wood

Darren is our resident EUC Ninja & Spreadsheet Master. With over 10 years plus consulting on Cluster Seven implementations Darren is the worlds foremost authority on implementing Cluster Seven technology and delivering huge value to corporations.

Phil Watt

Phil is our Uber Tech, Chartered IT Professional with a strategic mind-set and over 20 years’ experience with Data & Analytics at any scale. Phil is comfortable working with C-level executives or petrol-headed developers – & often provide translation services between the two groups.

Clint Vosloo

Clint Vosloo has close on 20 years of SAP Analytics and SAP Database & Technology experience. Since being actively involved in the first SAP IQ installation in South Africa back in 1997, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience using SAP HANA, SAP IQ, SAP Data Services and the SAP BusinessObjects suite of products.

David Lanc

Our Cyber Security Guru/Advisor/Mentor. Innovator, developer and researcher into REAL data privacy and people-centred protection in the digital realm. CEO of Cyborn Security offering next generation innovation in data privacy.

Markus Buhmann

Markus is another highly experienced Enterprise Data Strategy and Architecture consultant and a recovering Architect. Markus has worked across multiple industry sectors and has the scars to prove it.

Vicki Hobson

Vicki is an Internationally experienced Project and Operations manager and acts as a Project Advisor for Birnam Wood. Keeps trains on their tracks.

Kenny Green

Kenny is our Tin man. Experienced and versatile Infrastructure Engineer/Manager. Skilled in Negotiation, IT Strategy, Servers, Development, Cloud Technologies and Data Centre.

Alf Esteban

Alf is a greatly experienced and accomplished senior executive offering risk management expertise with proven ability to drive performance growth.

Caitlyn Green

Caitlyn is an inexperienced skivvy who gets all the worse jobs and delivers them with a smile. Or commonly known as our Project Support Officer.